A Miami Platinum Wedding!

For starters, WOW!!! Kris and Lauren WE LOVE YOU!! Picture this: competely over the top good time. And then multiply by about a gagillion.
This is the Platinum Wedding that I know so many of you were waiting for pics of. There were so many awesome, amazing things, I am not sure where to start. The pictures here were taken by an amazing team of photographers Chris+Lynn and Timco. I think you will all agree how fun some of these shots are.
Okay, future brides want ideas…here they are. We started the day with hair and makeup and occassionally Lauren getting a little misty eyed. Kris spent the morning golfing (he is the real — a Golf Pro). Meanwhile, Ron Book, Lauren’s incredibly sweet but also very detail oriented father, was watching over the procession of the day.
We were expecting about 550 guests to the event. And they all showed. Plus some. Early in the day it was absolutely beautiful. However, about half an hour prior the the ceremony it started coming down — good ‘ol South Florida Wedding for you! We were prepared with a clear tent over the courtyard of the Aventura Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort — who by the way had the most fantastic staff ever!
Because we wanted to “surround” the new couple with love we placed their Chupah in the center of the courtyard with chairs at 360 degrees. The Chupah was a mass of the brides colors of orchids, hydrangea and roses at every angle. Dalsimer Florist made this espeically beautiful. This was a dual religion ceremony, Jewish and Protestant and both religions came together with two officiants that worked quite harmoniously. They also sang us a very special song after the party!
Then to cocktail hour. Hmmm…where to start. Complete draping floor to ceiling, ice bars, plasma TVs with the couples engagement shots, lounge furniture, specialty cocktails, fabulous food!
After the cocktails we moved inside to the ballroom with everything from payette linens, a specialty Hora band (Schlomo you are awesome!), a Cirque style show with 3 acts, a 6’ tall wedding cake atop an ice sculpture. And this doesn’t even begin to cover it!
Enjoy the photos. We are expecting Platinum Weddings to air in late November, early December — We will keep you all updated!

One thought on “A Miami Platinum Wedding!

  1. Zipy July 6, 2008 / 8:48 pm

    It was an amazing wedding and we had an absolute blast performing! It was a pleasure working with you, an outstanding professional, and we look forward to more future events!The Shlomo Geva Klezmer Bandwww.miamimusic.net


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