Davie Ranch Extravaganza

For starters, Michelle is quite possibly my favorite bride ever. This is not to take away from all my other beloved brides, but she was just so incredibly awesome to work with!!
A lot of my brides ask, “Am I a bridezilla?”. The answer (ALMOST 100% of the time) is NO. This is the most special celebration day of your lives and you are allowed to be particular and choosy. I want to help you all find all the special details you ahve been looking for and sometimes it’s harder than others. I am finding more and more that the brides I work with want their days to be unique. This could be in decor, entertainment, venue, dresses or a multitude of other things. I am going to make it a point from this moment forward to try to publish as many unique things on this blog as possible to give you all ideas and inspiration.
As far as Michelle’s wedding went it was fantastic and worthy of a TV show. For starters, her families Davie, Fl horse ranch was converted into one enourmous tented ballroom and one clear tented ceremony area. Some of her highlights included a mariachi band, a show from the families horses, a fabulous after party, personalized splits of wine with their engagement photos, a photo booth, and the most awesome sunset wedding ever. Enjoy….I still am and congrats Michelle and Emil (who is also a very cool cat!)

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