Colorful Katie and Elling

if anyone asked me to describe Katie and Elling the words, “nicest people in the world” would have to be part of the description.  Katie was not afraid to have fun with color.  Must be something to do with that insanely fabulous red hair! The pics from Magdalena photography show off some of the jewel tones used throughout but the biggest part of the party??  THE FOOD!!!   Holy crap…did they have food.   The best part of the food???  Hmmmm…..okay had to be the desserts.  Let’s start off with the specialty dessert shots from Seasons 52.  If you haven’t been the restaurant – GO!  And have every single dessert shot glass they offer.  We made special arrangements with the chef over there to bring them over in mini disposable shot glasses.  To die for.  The other pretty awesome element — The Kilwin’s cart.  Those guys are just awesome and when they make the fresh waffle cones on site it sure leaves the whole place smelling like bakery goodness.  Sigh… here I am 10 lbs heavier reporting this wedding set at the super awesome Bonnet House (thanks again Nicholle for making it all run so smoothly — you guys are great!)

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