When I see your smile….the whole world stops and stares for a while…

Okay this was a super cool moment.  Let me preface with a story.  I met Anne back in April.  and then no word until about September.  She called me and said, “I want to get married in two months….the only reason I didn’t call sooner is because our house was struck by lighting and burned down.”  Okay, first off – that is terrible,  Second, super challenge and I was down.  The house — oceanfront on Golden Beach.  No electric, no plumbing and no walls.  We had a concrete slab and a roof to work with.  Family was incredibly important to this bride and groom who had been together for 12 years and had already had 4 children together and this was about turning their family home back into a home!

We had custom antique style furniture made and covered the bare concrete walls with rich gold frames.  The entire outside area was floored and had an acrylic cover.  Joy Wallace did an amazing job of providing “cocktail style food”  FYI — every guest at the party told me they had never eaten so much.  The best part of the night?  Immediately following the first dance we had a Fourth of July fireworks show to “Just the Way You Are” (yes, before the Glee episode for all you Gleeks) sung by the amazing Kim Sozzi who flew in from New York to knock our socks off….AMAZING!  We had a light night junk food alley, custom newspapers and a frame based photo wall provided by Alain Martinz.  Please enjoy some of the photos courtesy of Munoz Photography.

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