Why pay for extravagant flowers to get a big look when you can just rent a significant backdrop to set the scene?  I have recently been experimenting with these backdrops and am loving them more and more.  We have all seen the standard white draping with uplights….stunning to be sure but check out some pics below of backdrops that really help create the scene.  Rentals average anywhere from $500- $5000 (some even more) and usually require onsite rigging in the form of pipe and base.  My buddy, Dan Cohen of Uplyte, recently turned me onto the non-cheese factor backdrops.  One of which we are using for the sure to be AMAZING American Heart Association heart Ball being held at the Ritz this year featuring the band Chicago (admit it — you danced to them at your highschool prom….)  But if you want your venue to go from boring to bedazzled not a bad option!

Backdrops: Enchanted Trees 3 Night

Laser Cloth 3


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