And yet another Indian inspired fiesta

Can I say fiesta and Indian wedding in the same blog title?  Sure.  I think?  It’s interesting as world. We tend to notice the differences between cultures rather than the similarities.  The tradition of marrying throughout the various religions, cultures and background is infinitely more similar than disparate.  For instance in the Indian culture there is a procession known as a “Baraat” where the grooms family is formally welcomed by the brides family.  Traditionally the grooms family will load the groom on some sort of traveling mechanism : horse, elephant, motorcycle, beach cruiser, golf cart, rickshaw or whatever else their creative wedding planner can come up with.  There is a joviality in the meeting with the grooms side singing and dancing as they approach the bride’s side with flower garlands.  Likewise in the Jewish tradition there is a ceremony called a bedecking where the grooms side also greets the brides and for all intents and purposes makes sure the correct bride is waiting underneath her veil.  The greeting process reminds me that while just a wee bit different it is all still quite the same. Seems we are all part of the same human race.  Go figure.

I digress from this lovely Jungle Island Indian FIESTA — yes I said it.  Suhaag Garden rocked our decorating world (as they always do) and the shots  from Jessica Rayborn…well awesome.  Check ’em out and show us some love.



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