Great Britian meet USA

Why do I bring this up?  Only because my featured couple below is a USA gal with  British Boy.  So.  The Olympics are over.  Admittedly, I stuck it out through a couple of gymnastic tumbles and a few pool laps but that was the extent of of my viewing — until the closing ceremonies.  All I could ask during the entire event was who got hired to do the production on that bad boy??

As an event planner we are faced with multitudes of challenges ranging from details as small as cocktail napkins and production issues as large as massive fireworks displays and permits that go along with them.  Flagler Museum, while gorgeous, is no mean feat.  You are allotted only 2 hours to setup what should take half a day.  Somehow we make it all happen again and again.

We had a great cast of characters for this event which was absolutely stunning and flawless: Dalsimer, Gregory Paul, Reinhardt Productions, Valerie Tyson Band, Chez Gourmet to name a few — thank you for the tremendous job!!

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