Epic Proposal….followed by Epic Wedding NYC Style

We are pleased to announce the FUTURE Mrs. Pizzo in this stunning engagement.  I remember the call quite clearly as I had never spoken to any guy so excited to propose to his girlfriend and make sure everything was absolutely perfect.  Well we did just that because according to Jenny it was perfect….but hello – how could it not be?  Her future husband had us rent a suite at the Plaza, trail flowers up the stairs to the outside terrace.  At each bunch of stairs he wrote her note telling her how much she meant to him.  While he said he was, “distracted with business” downstairs, we made sure she found her way to the room solo so she would have time to stop at each bunch of flowers and digest each note left for her.  We managed to get him at the top of the terrace to greet her with the final note, a ring and a simple question.  Did it end there?  Hell no.

First off she said yes which certainly helped the night move forward.  Chris had one of Jenny’s friend stock her closet with three of her favorite dresses.  She was told to put one on.  From there she was told she was going to dinner to celebrate.  She was thrilled to find the rooftop of the Nomad Hotel in central Manhattan had a dinner setup…with 25 of their closest friends and family from near and wide.

Unbelievable.  Wow.  And so much fun to setup!  So grateful to be a part of this shindig.  But wait!  There’s more!  We recently did the couples wedding so keep it locked here for the wedding update!  Special thanks to Elling Williams for the stellar photos, Belle Fleur out of New York, Staff of The Plaza (you guys really rocked it!) and the Nomad!









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