The Wynwood Coloring Book – Join the Revolution!

I LOVE coloring!  The Wynwood Coloring Book allows a person to “discover their inner artist”.  This was a very fast tracked project that I have been able to be a part of.  All the people I have met, the knowledge I’ve gained and the experiences just keep flowing. The book has now been out for about a month and the feedback has been incredible.  As a team- the creator of the book, Diego Orlandini, partners like HGAB Magazine, the talented & passionate street artists and the entire Wynwood community are all instrumental in making this project spread nationally and globally.   Wynwood is a melting pot for creatives and this coloring book is a catalyst in becoming an ambassador for the artists and Wynwood.  This book represents community, street art, the artists and their works.  The murals around Wynwood are constantly changing and this coloring book serves as a way to keep the works alive and to have you connect directly to the artists themselves through the full color directory in the back of the book.

The community certainly came together for the Release Party on April 7th that I had the honor of producing.  A huge shout out to The Wynwood Yard and Mortal & Pistil for hosting the event. Thank you to Event Nerds for providing the sound and DJ and special performances by Patbag John & the HOD and Nostalgic Minds.  Simple Selfie kept people entertained along with our large canvases guests had the opportunity to paint.  A huge thank you to Masson Liang for capturing all the details and good times.

Enjoy these pictures and checkout where you can purchase the book.

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Wynwood Fun Styled Shoot

Doing a styled shoot is always so much fun especially when you have an amazing team to work with.  Robert Evans, celebrity photographer, came to Miami for two different shoots and I had the honor of designing and producing them.

Enjoy part one showcasing the Wynwood Art District in Miami.  The murals in Wynwood are constantly changing and they become the canvases for amazing street artists from around the world.

Stay on the look out for part 2 showcasing the beautiful Spanish Monastery.



Thank you Lindsey, Will, Alexis and Kholeen for being part of this project!